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. He wishes someone that is charming and wears chic garments and wide pants. He likes extensive-haired Girls who are stylish on the skin but have warm hearts. V’s best girl is considerate, cares for him a good deal and makes use of money correctly

– V’s ideal form is somebody that usually takes care of him and enjoys only him and who's got a great deal of aegyo.

Тема: Читать японские, китайские, корейские романы на английском. Студия "Хэндянь"

- Идеальный тип: девушка, идя рядом с которой, ему бы все завидовали. Милая, добрая и отзывчивая, которая бы делала ему какао в любое время и показывала бы много эгьё.

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Ким умеет расположить к себе, может очаровать. Поэтому после первого же выступления количество его поклонниц стало больше, чем у других участников группы. Фанатки сходят с ума, а коллеги по группе говорят, что за пределами сцены Ким совершенно другой.

LifestyleLifestyle – Phong cách sống nói lên tính cách và quyết định sự thành đạt của con người. Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam giới thiệu với bạn những bí quyết hưởng thụ cuộc sống trọn vẹn nhất.

He likes the portray ‘Starry Night time‘ by Van Gogh. He has a picture of it hanging in his dorm home in addition a mobile phone scenario of it. We can certainly declare that his inventive design and style resonates the style of art by his favored artist: mesmerizing, exceptional, punctuated, enigmatic and blurry!

“You’ve been ingesting tonight, haven’t you?” and “I can’t slumber, can I remain here?” and “You’re the sole just one I wanna awaken next to.”

Ким Тэхен и его девушка: личная жизнь и биография певца

. He also stated that if songs didn't have a place in his existence, he might have been a farmer as his moms and dads.

His style is versatile during the sense that he can go equally ends on the spectrum of contemporary and vintage appears to be like. He prefers vibrant, Daring patterned shirts and polos inside trousers, that are usually dark monocolor, but he can match printed leading that has a printed base. At one instance you see him in simple causal outfits coloured in earth-tones (aka Skywalker from Star Wars), other day you are bedazzled whenever you see him in a phase costume wherein he glitters similar to a prince or maybe a ballet.

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V was born as Kim Taehyung on December 30, 1995 in Daegu in South Korea. The premonitory desire informing about his beginning was as follows: His father created a bet on a snooker sport in opposition to a dragon and he won the guess. The dragon gave a pearl to his father and Taehyung arrived out of this pearl mainly because it opened up.

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